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Do Costa Rica’s tropical rainforests and beautiful beaches beckon you? Have you wanted to see the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, or the Egyptian Pyramids? Maybe you want something more adventuresome: Diving the Great Barrier Reef, a safari in Kenya, or hiking the coast-to-coast trail in England.

Dreams of what we’d like to do some day can keeps us going from year to year. Unfortunately for too many of us, exotic destinations never become more than daydreams. We might read the brochures, look at the ads, and watch other people enjoying themselves on the Travel Channel. But, we don’t make the reservations or go anywhere.

“Some days” have a way of slipping by. With so many of us working extremely hard – often doing work that two people used to do – it can be hard to get enough time off to go on a remarkable vacation.

Then there’s the money. When you add up plane fares, meals, motel rooms, and the special activities you’d like to enjoy, your exciting dream can seem out of reach.

A Simple Solution

If you have a desire for travel, take a look at those million-milers in the first-class section. You’ve seen them, the ones glued to their laptops and cell phones until they are asked to turn them off for take off. You can tell they have traveled a lot. They know just what to do.

Their trips cost them much less than you may think. First class is also called business class. Now that you are in the loop, you can find discounts on business-class fares and can also take advantage of travel packages at bargain prices. These include luxury hotels, breakfast each morning, transportation, and activity perks. But, here is the best thing about flying as a businessman or businesswoman: It’s deductible.

Jeff Schnepper at MSNMoney.com reported that employers as well as the self-employed can deduct many expenses for convention and business travel. Convention fees, hotels, meals, entertainment, and travel expenses to and from the convention are all deductible. Of course, the convention or seminar you attend must relate to your business. Being able to deduct these expenses can make travel affordable for almost anyone.

But I don’t have a business or any money!

There is one solution that works for both of these problems. It’s simple. Start your own business.

You might be thinking about your lack of start-up capital, no knowledge of business, expensive meetings with attorneys, finding the right location, permits from the city planning commission, hiring employees…STOP!

You can start your own business without any of these. In fact, a home business is the easiest kind to start. You don’t have to quit your current job. You don’t have to relocate. You probably already have everything you will need – a computer with an Internet connection and a phone.

Build a business and the money will follow.

Self-employment is rising dramatically. At last count by the Census Bureau, 18.6 Million Americans were self-employed. Those people have already discovered the feelings of freedom that come from being self-employed. Most grew tired of corporate employment and decided to take charge of their own destinies.

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